A team of skilled groomers tends to each pet with love and precision. Their service is a harmonious blend of tailored treatments, where every pet leaves looking and feeling their best. Joy and comfort are guaranteed. "Hanami" promises your four-legged friend the best care it can get. While your little furry comrade is grooming, you can wait for him in a cozy atmosphere with relaxing music.

Branding features are color palette and a room design that is in harmony with it.

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Brand Strategy


3D Modeling


May 2023


Grooming salons are numerous, and standing out from the competition can be challenging. Branding should effectively communicate what makes the salon unique and why potential customers should choose it over others.

Pet owners often have a strong emotional attachment to their animals. The branding must instill trust and confidence in customers, who are entrusting their beloved pets to the salon.

Grooming salons often strive to create a welcoming and calming environment. The branding should reflect these qualities while also being visually appealing and aligned with current design trends.

Ensuring consistent branding across various materials, from the salon's physical space and grooming tools to marketing materials and the website, can be a structure challenge.

Pet owners often have high expectations for grooming services. Managing these expectations through branding, clear communication, and service quality can be demanding.

The staff at a grooming salon plays a vital role in upholding the brand's reputation. Training staff to embody the brand's values and deliver a consistent level of service is an ongoing challenge.


Create a multi-tiered branding strategy that speaks to both a general audience and specific pet owners. Tailor messaging to address different pet types and their owners' needs.

Develop comprehensive brand guidelines to maintain consistency in design, messaging, and service quality across all salon materials and spaces.

Plan and design promotional materials in advance to seamlessly integrate seasonal branding changes. These changes should complement the core brand and create excitement around special offers.

Set clear expectations through branding and communication about what clients can expect from grooming services. Use imagery and messaging that align with the salon's service quality.


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