Revolutionary Approach to Branding: How We Transformed the Visual World of Kingdom of Ants


In the world of digital innovations, creating a unique visual identity for a brand is key to success. Our work with the innovative DeFi and GameFi platform, Kingdom of Ants, turned out to be more than just a design project—it was a challenge to our creativity and innovative approach.

Problems, Goal and Process

The goal for the Kingdom of Ants project was to create a deeply integrated and visually compelling identity that would reflect the innovative spirit of the platform and engage users. Our team developed a design ecosystem that included a main 3D character, a series of locations, buildings, and unique textures. This approach allowed us to efficiently create diverse images, reducing costs and creating a unique brand identity.


Consistency and Unity

Brand Recognition: A unified visual style derived from the design system aids in instant brand recognition among competitors. This is achieved through consistent use of colors, fonts, and illustrations that become the 'face' of the brand.

Brand Integrity: A holistic approach to design across all media ensures that consumers receive a similar experience when interacting with the brand, whether it's a website, social media, or print materials.

Efficiency and Speed

Simplified Communication: Standardization of design elements simplifies communication within the team. Designers and developers can quickly exchange ideas and resources, knowing they work within predefined parameters.

Accelerated Development: Thanks to ready-made templates and components, the time spent on developing new projects is significantly reduced, as there is no need to create each element from scratch.

Cost Reduction

Design Investment: Investing in the development of a design system initially may seem significant, but it reduces costs in the long run. Design standardization decreases the need for constant redesign.

Resource Efficiency: By minimizing the need for constant changes, companies can use their resources more effectively, focusing them on innovation and development.


Adaptation to Different Media: The design system provides flexibility, allowing easy adaptation of the design to different media and platforms without losing quality or brand integrity.

Quick Response to Changes: In a world where trends constantly change, the flexibility of the design system allows for quick adaptation to new market demands and changes in user preferences. This is especially important in a digital context, where visual style can impact brand perception.

User Experience

Improved Interface: The design system brings consistency and clarity to the user interface. This makes navigation intuitively understandable, reducing cognitive load on users.

Emotional Connection: Consistent visual design creates an emotional connection with users, ensuring a positive interaction experience with the brand, which can lead to increased loyalty and satisfaction.

Technical Part of the Project: Using Blender for Creating 3D Models and Animations

In this section, we will explore how the application of Blender software contributed to the creation of an effective design ecosystem for the Kingdom of Ants project, focusing on the technical details and innovations in 3D modeling and animation.

Using Blender for 3D Modeling

Creating 3D Models: Our team used Blender, a powerful open-source platform for creating 3D graphics, to develop all models for Kingdom of Ants. From the main character to detailed locations and objects, Blender provided us with the necessary tools for precise and efficient work.

Detail and Realism: Blender allowed us to achieve a high level of detail and realism in our models. The use of various textures, lighting, and shaders helped us create stunning visual effects, key to an immersive user experience.

Animation of the Main Character

Flexible Character Animation: The main character of the project was developed with a high degree of animation flexibility. Thanks to the software, we were able to create a variety of animations, from simple movements to complex emotional expressions.

Emotional Expressiveness: The technical capabilities of Blender allowed us to finely tune the animations of the face and body, making the main character not just a 3D model, but a fully-fledged, emotionally expressive character. This enabled the ability to create various poses and emotions, significantly enhancing the visual narrative.

Technical Features and Innovations

Scalability for Different Platforms: Thanks to its flexibility, our 3D models and animations were easily adapted for various media and platforms. This includes everything from websites to mobile apps and marketing materials, ensuring unity and consistency of the brand's visual style across all fronts.

Resource Optimization: Using Blender also facilitated the optimization of resource usage. Instead of creating each object individually, we could use and reapply elements from a library of models and animations, significantly reducing the time and costs of development.

Conclusion and Future Development

Project Completion: With the brand system, we achieved a high quality of visual representation for Kingdom of Ants, creating not only attractive 3D models but also emotionally rich animations that narrated the brand's story.

Future Development Prospects: The use of 3D software opens up new possibilities for future development. We continue to evolve our design ecosystem, using innovative technical solutions to create even more captivating visual elements.

Thanks to these technical innovations and Blender's capability to create complex 3D models and animations, our project has become a bright example of the effective use of modern technologies in design.

The Importance of a Brand System for Business: Impact on Customer Engagement and Sales

Customer Engagement

The first and perhaps most important aspect of a design system is its impact on customer engagement. In a world where consumers are overwhelmed with information, a brand's ability to stand out and leave an emotional imprint in the consumer's mind is critical. A design system that harmoniously and consistently uses colors, fonts, images, and other visual elements creates a recognizable and memorable brand image. This, in turn, contributes to greater recognition and trust from customers.

Increasing Sales

Following customer engagement, an effective design system can significantly impact sales. A consistent and professional visual image helps to create a positive impression of the brand, which, in turn, can lead to greater customer loyalty and more frequent purchases. Additionally, the clarity and ease of navigation provided by a well-thought-out design system simplify the purchasing process for customers, reduce confusion, and can contribute to increased conversion.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is another important area where a design system can make a significant contribution. When a customer identifies with a brand and feels a connection with its visual image, they are more likely to choose that brand again in the future. Consistent design creates an emotional bond and fosters the formation of a strong community around the brand. This not only ensures repeat sales but also encourages customers to leave feedback and recommendations, which is extremely valuable for any business.

Adaptation to Market Changes

In the dynamic digital world, change is an integral part. A design system that is adaptable and flexible allows brands to quickly respond to market changes. This may include adapting to new technologies, changes in user experience, or updating brand identity, thereby maintaining the brand's relevance in the eyes of customers.

Results and Impact

The project for Kingdom of Ants exceeded expectations, transforming the platform into a visually appealing and memorable brand. The investment in the design ecosystem contributed to increased recognition and user satisfaction. This project demonstrates that quality design and the development of a design system are important for success in the digital world. We found that creating a cohesive visual world for a brand leaves a lasting impact on user perception.

If you are looking to create a unique visual world for your brand, contact us. Find out how our studio can transform your brand using the power of the design ecosystem.