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A fire chest stands in the forest

Victoria VR is a company that creates a virtual world that enables new user experiences and scales the possibilities of human-technology interaction.

In this project, we needed to design and create in 3d branded box that would be integrated into the brand strategy, be consistent with existing branding, be in line with Feng shui, be a gift for users and a receptacle for various branded items.

Services provided

3D Modeling


January 2022

Process of creating 3D model of chest
Creating scene with 3D model of chest without colors


  • Understanding Feng Shui Principles: One of the primary challenges is having a comprehensive understanding of Feng Shui principles. This involves knowledge of the Bagua map, elements, colors, and various guidelines that dictate the arrangement of objects in different spaces.

  • Customization for Different Locations: The 3D box design may need to be customized for various locations, each with its unique Feng Shui requirements. This can be complex and time-consuming, especially if there are multiple locations.

  • Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality: Ensuring that the 3D box not only adheres to Feng Shui principles but also looks aesthetically pleasing can be challenging. The design must balance aesthetics with functionality, ensuring it serves as an attractive gift while adhering to Feng Shui.

  • Software and Tools: Access to 3D modeling software and design tools that are compatible with the project's requirements.

  • Customization Features: A plan for integrating customization features into the 3D model, allowing users to adjust the gift box's appearance for different occasions.

  • Texturing and Material Design: A focus on creating high-quality textures and materials that make the 3D gift box visually appealing and realistic.

  • Compatibility with the Virtual World: A strategy to ensure that the final 3D model seamlessly integrates with the virtual world platform, maintaining a consistent user experience.

Final process of creating blue chest
Early process of creative 3D scene with red chest in the forest


  • Begin with a thorough understanding of Feng Shui principles and their application to design. Collaborate with a Feng Shui expert or consultant to ensure the design adheres to these principles while staying aesthetically pleasing.

  • Develop a flexible 3D model that allows for customization, catering to different occasions, color schemes, and thematic elements.

  • Pay meticulous attention to textures and materials in the 3D design to ensure the gift box appears realistic and appealing to users.

Creating 3d scene with red chest in the forest
Creating 3d scene with red chest in the forest with zoom on chest
A lighting chest stands in the forest
An iron chest stands in the forest
A copper chest stands in the forest
A black metal chest stands in the forest
A fire chest stands in the forest